While choosing the right kind of garage doors for your home, you should consider several factors. Apart from the styling, there are factors like budget, durability, material, and safety requirements that one should keep in mind while opting for the best garage door installation service in Newcastle.

In this current time, a reliable and experienced garage door installation company can offer you a wide range of products as per your requirements and budget. From automated doors to vintage roller doors – the options are endless, and all of them have pros and cons.
Today, we will discuss the four most common types of garage doors you can find in Newcastle.

Most Common Types of Garage Doors

1. Up and Over Garage Doors

These classic style garage doors are the most favourite with people across the UK. This traditional style can see in most UK homes. They are sturdy, durable, and efficient. If you want to use your garage space as a property extension such as an office, gym, or extra bedroom, this style is the most suitable one.

2. Roller Garage Doors

This one is the trendiest type. If you have a short driveway and limited space issue in your garage, a roller garage door is your right answer. They are also a wonderful choice for garages that are used as a home extension. With the help of regular maintenance, you can enjoy the service of roller garage doors for a longer period.

3. Sectional Garage Doors

Homeowners who love the classic style and appearance of a garage door cannot say NO to this particular style. They look vintage but offer excellent durability in this modern time. They are good at ensuring optimum security of your property. When you contact an experienced garage door specialist, you will be offered a great range of styles and designs for this particular type of garage door option.

4. Side Hinged Garage Doors

Garages with more than one vehicle need side-hinged garage doors for better accessibility. They not only look beautiful, but these doors have great durability. They are secure and strong enough to withstand regular wear and tear. These doors barely make any noise while opening or closing them. Hence, they will never create any disturbance for your neighbours.

At Sermac Garage Doors, we aim to fulfil your needs of installing durable and affordable garage doors without any complications. Our team provides a full range of high-quality garage doors at an affordable cost.